Silverleaf Owners

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The final Silverleaf property was rebranding to a Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort in late 2016. Although your ownership and benefits assigned to your ownerships remained in place, the resorts did not stand still.

Depending on your location, renovations or new facilities took shape soon after. This was the beginning of an extensive renovation project targeted to these locations that will end up touching all 13 properties.

Latest Updates

5-year Renovation Plan Well Underway

By the end of 2017, 1,080 villas across multiple resorts received our “Type A” refurbishment. This brought them into our usual Holiday Inn Club renovation cycle. All told, more than 3,100 villas will be updated as part of this project.

2018 Updates

Renovation updates already begun this year:

  • Holiday Hills Resort – 144 villas scheduled to be complete mid-2018
  • Villages Resort – 104 villas scheduled to be complete mid-2018
  • Hill Country Resort – 91 villas scheduled to be complete late 2018
  • Holly Lake Resort – Replace showers in five buildings; scheduled to be complete late 2018
  • Oak n’ Spruce Resort – 72 villas scheduled to be complete late 2018

These are in addition to other resort needs. We also paved roads and parking lots, repaired common areas, updated landscaping, renovated drainage systems, updated amenities, and more at various properties. Please note, however, that dates can change and unscheduled projects can appear at any time.

Wi-Fi Internet Access Expansion Project

Our goal is to provide full, reliable Wi-Fi coverage across all villas and in key amenity areas at all of our resorts. We’re happy to report great progress on the last of the resorts:

  • Timber Creek Resort – Completed May 2018
  • Galveston Seaside Resort – Scheduled to be completed in June 2018
  • Ozark Mountain Resort – Cabling installation scheduled to begin early July, and project expected to be complete by end of summer 2018

Note that due to the unique challenges we encountered at these locations, some tweaks may also have to be made in the future. However, if they need to occur, we expect them to be minimal.

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Our top goal is making your vacation experiences the best they can be. As a strong, fiscally sound company, we work closely with the board of directors, staff and supporting team at all resorts within our growing network to ensure it.